I am a former Chef turned food blogger. I graduated Culinary Arts and then proceeded to work at various restaurants around Vancouver. I worked at a variety of places ranging from catering, hotel, chain restaurant, fine dining to pubs.


My first kitchen job was as a dishwasher for a local catering company when I was still in high school. I ended up becoming a cook there and decided I wanted to pursue this as a carer. I then spent years moving around making my way up the chain, working for different restaurants around Vancouver. 

Having spent years as a busy Chef I know the struggle of trying to balance work and maintain a healthy lifestyle. I would like to do as much as i can to help others find a healthy balanced lifestyle through food.

Most of my recipes are meant to show you there is a healthy way to still enjoy all your favourites. Also some recipes are to remind you it's ok to have some of your favourites now and then and treat yourself. Life is all about balance.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask away in the box to the right. Also let me know what kind of recipes you would like to see so I can make that happen for you! 


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My first catering job, about to go to my first event!