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Chick & Hen

There is so much to do with chick & hen plants! We have a couple varieties on our deck. The best part of these plants is once you have one, you never need to buy more, you can continue to start new plants with the chicks. These plants in the photos all got planted middle of summer and they already have gotten so big. Most of them came off of my partners parents plants, they also have a love for plants and have so many cool ones. 

Best pro tip to give about getting into plants: Share! Yes thats right, it is so fun once you start sharing clippings. It is so amazing watching the grow from a baby plant. 

For chick & hen they are best kept in the sun, water moderately once dried out. During winter season keep out of rain and cold as best as you can. Fertilize during the summer, we like to do every other water we will add fertilizer. 

To start new plants simply cut off the smaller ones and plant directly into soil. Best soil is combining succulent dirt and potting soil. Also when planting give them lots of space, you don't need to fill the planter with lots of them since they spread out so big. 


Wine crates make great planters

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