Indoor Plants

Here are some of our top plants that I found that for me are thriving. Some I have had for quite a few years and have loved watching them grow. Now I will let you in on a secret, all our indoor plants have been named after Avengers characters! When my boyfriend and myself first started getting more & more plants, we found it helped giving them a name. Now when my boyfriend comes home from work he can just say "how's Thor doing?"and I will instantly know he is talking about the fishbone cactus.  And why not? I'm sure a few may think that's crazy, but whatever makes you happy. I will be adding on to this list as well, this is just a sneak peak to some of the plants we have. More to be posted. 

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Outdoor Plants

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Zebra Cactus

I have had this plant in the past and I thought that they didn't really do much. But this time, we have put it under neath a grow light and it has grown a significant amount! Also the pot it's in makes it look so cool. Full sun, light amount of water.