Indoor Plants

Here are some of our top plants that I found that for me are thriving. Some I have had for quite a few years and have loved watching them grow. Now I will let you in on a secret, all our indoor plants have been named after Avengers characters! When my boyfriend and myself first started getting more & more plants, we found it helped giving them a name. Now when my boyfriend comes home from work he can just say "how's Thor doing?"and I will instantly know he is talking about the fishbone cactus.  And why not? I'm sure a few may think that's crazy, but whatever makes you happy. I will be adding on to this list as well, this is just a sneak peak to some of the plants we have. More to be posted. 

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Outdoor Plants

A few helpful items linked below, click photo for link


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These are perfect for outdoor plants, they grow so quickly depending on what variety you get. These like sun and moderate amount of water. Hoping it will end up hanging out the basket soon!