Thanksgiving Dinner

Updated: Nov 29, 2021

Thanksgiving menu! I personally love Thanksgiving dinner. In our family it has always been celebrated with turkey, stuffing, mash and gravy! This post is to hopefully take the stress out of the cooking, I have listed out a few ways that I like to time everything to make the day of a bit easier. Also this is a complete list of all the recipes (recipes linked in the photo of each dish).

Of course you need your Turkey recipe. This recipe is a brined turkey breast that is rolled and stuffed with a sausage sage and apple filling. Brining a turkey makes it so much juicier and always gives it nice flavour. Served with a rich gravy.

I love this way of making stuffing. This is an apple, cranberry and sage stuffing. Also has some cheddar mixed in with it.

These brussels sprouts are cooked with crispy bacon and topped off with a walnut bread crumb.

I think it is safe to say that mashed potatoes are a classic for Thanksgiving dinner. This is my simple yet delicious recipe for mash potatoes.

It is also nice making your own cranberry sauce, I personally prefer to make my own because I prefer making it with a little less sugar! I don't mind a slightly tart cranberry sauce seasoned with orange.

To finish it off, pumpkin pie. This pumpkin pie is made with coconut milk instead of cream and loaded with pumpkin spice! Plus a great flaky pie crust recipe.


I think its safe to say the hardest part of planning a thanksgiving dinner is the timing of everything. Working in kitchens has defiantly made it easier for me to plan and organize large meals. I hope this is helpful.

Day before:

-Pumpkin pie

-Brine turkey: leave it overnight in the fridge

-Make the filling for the turkey roulade

-Make the stuffing up to the point right before it gets baked

-Fully make cranberry sauce

Day of:

Morning prep:

-Stuff & roll turkey, store on bake tray in fridge

-Cut & clean brussels sprouts

-Make the brussels sprout crumb

-Peel and dice potatoes, leave in cold water in the fridge

Before dinner:

-Bake turkey (takes an hour + 15 minutes rest time)

-Stuffing goes in the oven (45 minutes)

-Start cooking the brussles sprouts (25 minutes once in the oven)

-Start cooking potatoes

-Make gravy