Spider Plants

Spider plants are probably my favourite plant. They are so easy to care for and they look so cool. The coolest thing about them in my opinion is that you just need one to make so many new plants, and they grow relatively quickly. My mom gave me a spider plant about 2 years ago, and she started it using a clipping from one of her plants. Our plant now has made about 8 new plants with the clippings! We have given a couple away and have kept a few for ourselves. 

Care: So easy to care for. Water about once a week when dried out. Place in a lightly sunny window. We have our spider plants up by the window. We also have a Bonnie spider plants (curly leaves, different coloured leaves) and we have that one under the grow light and it is loving it. Same care fro those plants. 

Starting new plants: Cut off one of the small babies, place in a small jar with just the base in water. Leave in water for about 4-8 days. Until roots begin to form (see photo below). Once rooted plant into desired pot, ensure your pot has a hole on the bottom, if not plant into a plastic pot and place into your decorative pot. Best to plant one clipping in a small pot. They do not need big pots. The only spider plant we have in a bigger pot is one of the bonnie spider plants, but that has 2 clippings in the one pot. 

This pot we got at the dollar store!
Rooting a clipping
Started as a clipping
This is an ikea pot!
Clipping from bonnie spider plant
Bonnie Spider plant
Both pots are dollar store pots! Front is a clipping!
1 Grow light we have
Fertilizer we use
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